Lavender is such a beautiful flower that illuminates an incredible aroma that can lighten any room. In fact, it is the most cultivated plant in the world. Its mood-boosting properties, refreshing fragrance, and its ability to reduce stress make lavender an ideal micro event enhancer for any big or small occasion. This small yet powerful flower is exceptionally diverse in its capabilities, which is why there are so many ways to love lavender.


Lavender Oil

Lavender oils, such as Majestic Pure Lavender Oil, Natural are excellent for nearly all skin types. It can remediate oily skin, help soothe eczema, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and can reduce inflammation. Though this is preliminary data, inhaling lavender oil is also correlated as a safe way to treat persistent migraines. You can purchase pure lavender oil, or make some yourself if you wish. A lavender relaxation gift or giveaway is nice idea and undoubtedly a crowd pleaser if you are hosting an event.

Aesthetic Appeal

Even though lavender smells fantastic, it can also be utilized for its elegant features and appeal.  For instance, if you are getting married, you can use lavender as a unique hair accessory and perhaps have a matching flower arrangement in your venue to complete the theme. Are you designing a baby shower? Decorating the shower with lavender in mind would be a gorgeous and sophisticated option to celebrate the soon to be mom. Whatever your event is, not only will the visual effects be outstanding, but the scent will surely leave everyone feeling calm and uplifted.

Garnishing and Flavor Enhancer

If you have an event that involves cocktails and a gourmet meal, lavender can be that small, yet effective characteristic that can turn ordinary consumables to extraordinary. For instance, lavender pairs extremely well strawberries, pears, blueberries, oranges, honey, and chocolate. Add some lavender as a garnish with meals containing these items, and it will result in outstanding flavoring.  Furthermore, Pink House Alchemy Lavender Syrup a perfect way to add flavor to a variety of cocktails.   Top it with some lavender flower garnishing, and you will have a delicious and attractive cocktail.


In The Garden

Photo by Emiel Molenaar on Unsplash

Are you hosting a party at your house and want your garden to look its best? Not only is lavender a great addition to a garden because of its bright features, but it also offers excellent gardening enhancements, such as attracting bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds, all of which can all help with pollination. Not to mention that lavender is very low maintenance and can grow in just about any gardening situation


Health and Medicinal Benefits

Something quite amazing about lavender is aside from its external gain, it is also significantly beneficial for your overall health. Lavender is widely used to reduce anxiety, used as a mosquito repellent, helps people sleep easier (which is why it is often used in baby body wash), and has natural anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-septic properties. This means lavender can speed up the healing process of cuts and burns, including sunburns by soothing and cleaning those wounds to promote faster healing.


There are so many ways that someone could love lavender, both at home and in an event setting. Lavender offers so many benefits and features that make it such a perfect flower for any occasion.  Whether you want to wear it as a perfume/oil, consume it, utilize it as a decoration, or simply admire its beauty and aroma, lavender is certainty a flower that can improve event experiences and increase your quality of life.